Works for local authorities, financial corporations and conurbations.
Subterranean infrastructure projects, including, among others, sewage purification plants and pumping stations for the municipalities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Netanya, Rishon Lezion, Beersheba, Hod Hasharon and others.
The National Sewerage Project
Large jobs within a nationwide sewerage project.
Pumping Stations and Purification Treatment Facilities
The construction of pumping stations in Ramle, Lod, and Nes Ziona and purification treatment facilities in Hadera and Safed.
Nevatim Airport
Construction of the entire below-ground infrastructure and additional IDF systems required for building an airport.
IDF Infrastructure Systems
The construction of complicated and multifaceted subterranean infrastructures for the Ministry of Defense, and in particular at Mount Sagi, Mount Ebal, Mount Sidrit, Mount Harif, Anatot, and the IDF outposts on the Golan Heights.
The Tender for the Sapir Region in the Negev
The entire installation of the all the subterranean systems, including water, drainage, sewerage, telecommunications, electricity and a sewage purification treatment facility for the Administration of Rural Construction of the Ministry of Housing.
The High-Pressure Pipeline and Dead Sea Pumping Stations – Arad
A high-pressure pipeline – up to 150 atmospheres. Part of the work was carried out at the Dead Sea and three pumping stations were erected that included the required mechanization. Sharbiv built access roads and highways under the most difficult topographical conditions, from Arad to the Dead Sea and into the Dead Sea pools.
Infrastructure in the Beersheba and Sarah Valley Industrial Area
Construction of all the infrastructure systems in the new industrial area of the city, including the water supply system, sewerage, and drainage and laying all the roadways in the region.
Infrastructure of the City of Yamit
Construction of the entire infrastructure and all the subterranean systems of the city of Yamit, including pumping stations, purification treatment plants, main water lines, reservoirs as well as hooking up consumer’s homes to the water network. Construction of the entire sewerage network including the pumping stations, mainlines, collection points, and so forth. Sharbiv laid cable television and electric systems, including the hook up to consumers’ homes.
Dams on the Jordan River and its Regulation
Control of the Jordan River and diverting its route using gravitational dams and bolstering the banks of the river with earth and stone defenses. Implementation of mechanical engineering to cope with the groundwater and aquifer as planned by the Tahal Company.
Regulating Project of the Waters of the Dan River
Regulating and directing the waters of the Dan River. Constructing dams, defenses, diverters, and underground passages. Laying pressure piping with asbestos cement faucets with a diameter ranging from 600 mm to 1,800 mm and a length of 22 km, including work below the groundwater.